The Power of MEMS. It's there when you need it.

 Why MEMS?

Restoring service during a major outage represents our number-one concern. Hurricanes, tornadoes, ice or snow storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters will continue to occur. No matter how much you invest in Emergency Inventory, your restoration needs may far exceed your supplies.

Since 1989, MEMS has supported major restoration efforts affecting nearly 40,000,000 customers (including 23 hurricanes or tropical storms, 11 ice storms and one fire).

Are you ready for the next major outage in your service territory? Whom do you contact? Where do you go? As a member of MEMS (Mutual Emergency Materials Support) you can tap into the resources of nearly 50 member utilities across North America to obtain urgently-needed materials.

How MEMS Works

1.      Members have access to a shared database with 78,980 member SKUs to quickly find products.

2.      Infrastructure provides for global faxing to all member utilities.

3.      Members commit to a four-hour response for requests for support.

4.      Material sold at cost-plus overheads.

5.      Contacts provided for Inventory Management, Purchasing, Engineering, Operations and 24-hour emergency numbers.

6.      Industry networking empowers all members.

7.      Protection at an affordable cost, knowing you can count on other members to help meet your emergency needs.

We hope this website provides a better understanding of the support that MEMS offers electric, gas, and water utility customers across North America.


Do you represent a Utility Organization?

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